Quick Guides & How-To Videos

Getting Started

  • Intro Session: What Is the QSP Hub?
    Duration: 5:37 minutes
    This session is an introduction to the Qualified Service Provider (QSP) Hub and shares the trainings available for viewing. This session also provides our contact information and resources we provide.
  • New QSP Orientation
    Duration: 58:47 minutes
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    This training is a brief introduction geared toward new QSPs. It goes over the material and requirements located in the QSP handbook and provides links, resources, and advice in regards to where to find further training and support in the various areas involved with providing QSP services.
  • Session 1: What Is a QSP?
    Duration: 9:46 minutes
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    This session will help you understand the purpose and role of a QSP. This session will also provide a basic understanding of the types of services a QSP can provide, and the steps involved in becoming a QSP.
  • Session 2: How Do I Become a QSP?
    Duration: 13:13 minutes
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    This session will provide you with a basic understanding of the steps involved with getting started as a QSP. It will also provide direction on how to access resources to complete and submit application materials.

Once Approved

Agency Specific

  • Understanding the Difference Between an Individual QSP and a QSP Agency
    Duration: 10:09 minutes
    This training describes the differences between an individual QSP and a QSP Agency.
  • Getting Started Agency
    Duration: 33:49 minutes
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    This training walks you through information regarding applying as a QSP Agency and is intended to provide basic information for application requirements. It will also walk through the various forms/documents required as well as provide some direction with getting started steps.
  • Agency Foster Home for Adults
    Duration: 39:08
    This session explains the different requirements and steps involved with becoming an Agency Foster Home for Adults. This is a great resource for someone interested in applying for this type of QSP agency.

Business Acumen

  • What Does it Mean to Be a 1099 Contractor?
    Duration: 10:00 minutes
    Chris Erwin from the North Dakota Small Business Development Centers explains what a 1099 Contractor is, its characteristics and how it applies to Quality Service Providers.
  • Business Expenses and Tracking
    Duration: 38:56 minutes
    Paul Smith from the North Dakota Small Business Development Centers explains what a business expense is and how to track it. Learn about common expenses, best practices, and helpful tools.