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QSP Agency Enrollment

To apply as an Agency Qualified Service Provider, you will need to access the following:

Training Videos

Take time to watch the trainings below to get an idea on how to start with the QSP agency process.

  • Things to Know – Agency
    Duration: 3:47 minutes
    If you are considering starting an agency, there are many important things to know prior to starting your agency application. This video will walk you through a few of the important things to know, prior to getting started with your agency application.
  • QSP Onboarding Training Tutorial
    Duration: 4:56 minutes
    This video will walk you through the steps for completing the required QSP Onboarding training for enrollment.
  • NPI Number
    Duration: 2:46 minutes
    NPI stands for National Provider Identification Number. This number is needed for the application process.
  • SFN 749
    Duration: 4:01 minutes
    The SFN 749 is the Document of Competency form that must be completed for each employee providing direct services within your agency. This video will provide you with a basic overview of this form and its requirements.
  • Acceptable Identification
    Duration: 0:30 seconds
    This video explains the types of identification that are acceptable to be uploaded into the web portal.
  • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Training
    Duration: 2:38 minutes
    Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) is a training that is required for all QSPs. This video will walk you through the process in obtaining a FWA certificate.
  • Services
    Duration: 0:56 seconds
    There are a variety of different services you can provide as a QSP. This video will explain why it is important to understand service definitions and requirements before selecting services within the application.
  • SFN 55: Cost Report
    Duration: 4:23 seconds
    The SFN 55 is the Cost Report for Rate Determination form. This video will explain the purpose and importance of completing this form accurately.
  • SFN 1168
    Duration: 1:29 seconds
    The SFN 1168 is the Controlling Interest and Conviction form. This video will provide a basic explanation of why this form is needed, and the information you will need to include on the form.


Providers who are not self-employed, but are hired by an agency to deliver services, may utilize TrainND Northeast for training and competency evaluation as a contracted service. Training may be arranged depending upon the needs of the organization. Agencies interested in in-home care training, and SFN 750 Documentation of Competency completion for their employees, can inquire with TrainND Northeast by phone at (701) 662-1578 or 1 (800) 443-1313 ext. 21578 or by email at LRSC.trainnd@LRSC.edu.

Additional Resources